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From Courtrooms to Screens: Navigating IPL’s Copyright Challenges

By Shelly Tomar

In recent years, the Indian Premier League has not only been a cricket tournament but has transformed into a multi-faceted platform involving a wide range of industries and professionals. This evolution has presented numerous copyright challenges for the IPL, as it navigates the complexities of protecting its intellectual property while also maintaining lucrative partnerships and engaging with its audience. One of the key challenges faced by the IPL is the unauthorized broadcasting and streaming of its matches. This creates conflicts with current trade, development, cultural, ethical, human rights and economic mores. Cricket is no longer played out primarily for ‘spectators’. Rather, the speeding up of the game has become contingent on redesigning cricket into a ‘platform’; which is now animated by combining hitherto unrelated elements such as businesses, advertising, technology, and even Bollywood. The convergence of different industries and professionals in the IPL raises questions about ownership and rights when it comes to broadcasting and streaming matches. These challenges have led the IPL to take legal action in order to protect its copyright and ensure that its matches are only broadcasted through authorized channels. Furthermore, the rise of digital platforms and the ease of sharing content online have further complicated the IPL's copyright challenges

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